Mila Diamond Business & Life Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness 2.0 Teacher, Author
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TEDxAlmansorPark Speaker

Mila Diamond

TEDxAlmansorPark 2019 Speaker | Business & Life Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness 2.0 Teacher, Author.


Mila Diamond is a sought-after Business & Life Coach with clients worldwide. The results her clients achieve speak for themselves. She is the founder of Diamond Mind International, Mindfulness 2.0, Beautiful Confident You and The Complete Man.


Why you should listen

Mila Diamond is a trained Buddhist monk with a background in a number of Western and Eastern spiritual traditions. A highly effective business & life coach, she integrates authentic self-discovery modalities with pragmatic business and career strategies.


As a tech entrepreneur, Mila built a successful company on Wall Street and sold her software product to Fortune 500 and 1000 clients. With over 20 years as a management consultant, she has worked with remarkable leaders, helping them to transform their organizations. Mila’s specialty is to bring out the best in people and awaken their greatness as enlightened leaders of the 21st century.


Mila is the founder of Diamond Mind International and creator of Mindfulness 2.0 – coaching, training & consulting, specializing in helping people find inner happiness and outer success while operating from their zone of brilliance. Her clients are busy executives, entrepreneurs and future enlightened leaders.


Mila developed Beautiful Confident You and The Complete Man programs. She is a sought-after mentor helping women and men to awaken to their power and become the fullest expressions on themselves. Mila’s special passion is helping youth, Veterans and people recovering from post-traumatic stress to rediscover themselves and not only heal, but to excel and become role models for new generation of leaders.


What others say

“Mila is one of those extraordinary people who have the complete package for teaching, consulting, motivating, and helping people change their lives.” – Dave Edmiston, M.D., Foundation for a Healthy America

“Mila helps client organizations transform themselves beyond any perceived limitations they may hold.” – John Kapson, Cooper Human Systems

“Mila has a profound dedication to helping people improve their situation in the human condition. I wholeheartedly recommend Mila.” – Ko Hayashi, CEO, Chandler Partners International Ltd. (Shanghai, China)