Sandee Mendelson Life Coach, Educator, “Project Live Your Legacy” Co-Founder - TEDxAlmansorPark
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Sandee Mendelson Speaker at TEDxAlmansorPark 2019
TEDxAlmansorPark Speaker

Sandee Mendelson

TEDxAlmansorPark 2019 Speaker | Certified Life Coach, Educator, “Project Live Your Legacy” Co-Founder.


Sandee Mendelson is a Certified Life Coach, Educator, and the co-founder of Project Live Your Legacy.  She is considered anything but simple.  Her life thus far has been an unusual and adventurous journey, filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  During her quest, Sandee has had firsthand experience with discrimination, ostracism, and public humiliation.  Because of feeling “less than,” she sought to discover the deeper meaning of life and universal truths.


Sandee now thrives by living a purpose-driven life with a passion for helping those who struggle to help themselves.  She recognizes the ever-growing societal strive for perfectionism in a world where many feel criticized, socially unaccepted, or inadequate.  She delves into human responses, unconscious bias, stereotypes, and the subconscious mind by casting light on the effects of positive and automatic negative thoughts. She enjoys sharing her unique life experiences in hope of connecting and inspiring others to take charge and live a purposeful life. |